30 Patient Bin Compact Cassette Med Cart
40 Bin Compact Cassette Medication Cart


MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart Systems

Cassette carts or patient bin carts have been used in hospitals and long term care facilities for over 30 years. In the pharmacy 24 hours of medication is prepared for each patient. This medication is placed in a patient bin specifically designated to that patient. The bins are then placed in cassettes and delivered to the patient care area. In most cases duplicate bins and cassettes are kept in the pharmacy and refilled for daily exchange. For the exchange, simply remove the empty cassettes and exchange them for filled cassettes in the pharmacy.

Some examples of cassette carts are:

The ​MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart can be customized to fit your needs! This one has cassettes and pill card drawers!

30 Patient Bin Compact Cassette Med Cart. We love the centralized locking system. No more bending down to unlock the cart!

The 40 Bin Compact Med Cart has a narcotics box that can be built into the 6" drawer. Space saving design!